Mac Simple Reviews

If you're in the Oxford (and extended) area, and have a Mac-related problem - and that includes portable devices - Mac Simple is simply THE place to go. Full-on hardware problems, minor breakages, software niggles, whatever... Tom and his team will give you straightforward, honest and _knowledgeable_ advice; they'll fix only that which needs fixing, in the most cost-effective way, and charge you very reasonable prices for top quality work. They know what they're doing, they know what they're talking about, and they know Macs inside and out... on top of that, they are nice people. If you're wondering whether to use them or trek somewhere else, the answer really is Simple - go see Mac Simple!

I'm a professional user of Mac Pros and my main machine died horribly with a deadline in sight. Within a few hours Chris had the drives rebuilt and working fine. I thoroughly recommend using these guys for your Mac repairs. They are straight up and honest - can't fault them.

Absolutely fantastic. Cracked the glass on my MacBook pro screen and it was fixed the same day i brought it in for a very reasonable price. Very impressed.

If you're uncertain about the problem with your Mac, don't go anywhere else. Tom will find and present all possible solutions, and fast. I had an old Mac Book Pro with manufacturer defect. He said I could do it quickly through him for £50 to cover courier cost or do it for free through the Authorised Dealer in town - Wester Computer. "Free" sounded good so I took it to Western Computer. They sent it away and their technicians determined the computer didn't have the error that Tom at Mac Simple had found, and sent it back unrepaired. I took it back to Tom and he had the Mac Book Pro completely fixed within a week. More of the story: Go to Tom if you want fast, reliable, efficient service to get your Mac fixed and don't go anywhere else.

Quality Excellent
I had a number of internet and hard drive issues on my Mac that I couldn't solve and thought would cost me a lot of money to diagnose, plus it would be necessary to replace / upgrade bits of hardware. Tom worked through the problems in a thorough manner and saved me wasting the money that I would have spent if I'd gone elsewhere, as he diagnosed and sorted out the software issues and concluded that I did not actually need any upgrades or replacements! I'm so pleased I'm hiring Tom to be my regular 'maintenance' engineer!

Excellent service - great troubleshooting assistance and very helpful general advice.

Spot on service! Very reasonably priced and very quick service. I had a problem with my MacBook, when it had sustained some liquid damage, I am a student so it needed repairing quickly. The University Tech department were very slow to respond, so I took my computer to Mac Simple, they were able to recover my data quickly and the machine was fully repaired in 48 hours, Fantastic....Don't bother with anyone else, these guys are the best.

I had my MacBook Pro serviced recently at Mac Simple. The service was first class

Mac Simple are my only contact when it comes to issues with my Mac devices. They are honest, truthful and very clear in explaining what is wrong. I used to get a second opinion from other so called Mac Specialists, but invariably they wanted to charge me more and also try and sell me additional services i did not need. Mac Simple always looks at my Mac faults from every angle to try and save me as much money as possible. I have recommended them to my my friends and family time and time again, and will continue to do so. If only all computer repair companies were like Mac Simple. Keep up the good work and thanks for making my whole Mac experience get better and better.

I called Mac Simple when my i could no longer load itunes, Tom talked me through re-installing the software and within a few minutes it was up and running. He didn't charge me for helping me. fantastic service.

We use Mac Simple for all of our Mac requirements. The work is of the highest standard and Tom is always prepared to go out of his way to ensure the job gets done. There are no hidden extra's and it's great to get an open, honest, reliable and transparent service. Highly recommended.

Tom at Mac Simple is trustworthy, did not overcharge for my hard drive upgrade, was friendly to talk to and carried out the work efficiently. Highly recommended.

Mac Simple is AWESOME! My wife was studying at Oxford (via Indiana University) over the summer. She had a MacOS issue that completely crashed her laptop. Someone at Oxford University recommended Mac Simple. Thomas Macer at Mac Simple fixed the problem and was very professional. He wasted no time in getting the laptop fixed. is the place to go if you need a certified Macintosh technician in the Oxford area. Mac Simple does an awesome job at Apple laptop repair and support. I highly recommend Mac Simple.

Thomas at Mac Simple was excellent. I must have called 8-10 places in the Oxfordshire area and he returned my call promptly and even picked up my computer in Banbury! He also dropped it off at a convenient place for me as well. Totally professional, knowledgeable, helpful. Would recommend to ALL my Mac friends in Oxfordshire an would DEFINITELY go back to him for future help.

The battery of my Macbook was no longer getting charged when I plugged the power cable, so I first went to an Apple shop where they suggested the problem was probably with a part that would cost around £700 to replace. They did mention that to be sure about this they'd need to send the computer to the repair service, but had I relied solely on their feedback I would have ditched my laptop and bought a new one, especially as I needed a laptop with a working battery for a conference the following week. Fortunately, I first decided to consult Mac Simple, who in less than 24 hours managed to fix my battery issue, for a total cost of £70! Plus, the service was very friendly! That was a month ago, and since then the battery has been functioning perfectly. To conclude, I definitely recommend Mac Simple - a great alternative to the retailers whose main concern is to make you consume more!

Excellent service‎ I highly recommend this company to anyone with a mac. I was given a first class service and loads of helpful advice with software and how to get more out of my macbook. Anyone out there with a mac needs to visit mac simple.